Posted by: blueangel | December 23, 2010

OpenOffice Tips and Tricks

OpenOffice is a freeware software package. This package includes OpenOffice Calc. Calc is a spreadsheet software in function to Microsoft Excel. OpenOffice is designed to suite application similar to Microsoft Office. It has appropriate software to work in variety of office settings and meets the needs of office workplace. This suite includes a spreadsheet, word processor, calculator and presentation program. Spreadsheets are widely used to store and calculate data in rows and columns. OpenOffice offers a series of data functions, which include formulas used to display times or dates to perform date calculations. You need some practice to use this suite but there are some tricks that make it easier to use.

Enter Zero Before Numbers

Spreadsheet software of OpenOffice automatically removes zero before number. If you want to retain zero before number, insert an apostrophe (‘) to prevent program from taking off zero. For instance, if you want to enter 01 in spread sheet, the number is typed as ‘01 to keep zero.

Make Shortcut Keys

OpenOffice software allows you to set up shortcut keys for personal use. For example you can open a new document by pressing “Ctrl + N” instead of selecting “New” from “File” menu every time. If you want to make a shortcut key, open “Tools” tab and select “Customize”. Click on Keyboard tab and scroll-down. Some shortcuts are already in system. Click on key to set as a shortcut and select “Modify”. Once selected, scroll-down options and select application to go with command. Select “Modify” button again to save your modification.

Adding Notes

OpenOffice software has facility for addition of notes in document. To add a note, click “Insert” and the scroll-down to “Notes”. Click on yellow field or box that opens and then type in or copy note to box. Save it to keep note there for later use.

Custom Slide Shows

OpenOffice software has custom slide shows available in its presentation software. Open “Slide Show” option and then select “Custom Slide Show”. Select “New” to open a new slide show. The “Define Custom Slide Show” option will open. Save slide show and add or delete slides as necessary for presentation.



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