Posted by: blueangel | January 3, 2011

Tips to Share Folders, Printers and Drives

Network and computer aficionados know several tricks for working on hardware or networks. These tips and tricks have control for specific actions. These tips are very interesting for those experts. There are some simple tricks that everyone can use.

Sharing Folders, Printers and Drives

Sharing is one of the basic features of computer networking. Sharing will make networks important and necessary. You can share files, folders and other devices with your colleagues or companions. There are some tricks that you can apply to share information on system. Folder sharing can be accomplished through a series of simple steps:

In Windows 7, go to “Start” and select “Computer” then find file or folder you want to share and select it. “Right-click” item and select “Properties” then go to sharing tab. Click the “Share link”, click “Add…” here you can select people to share, like “Everyone or Administrator”, then click “Share”.

Above mentioned tips are equally useful if you want to share printer or a disk drive. You will follow same process.


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