Posted by: blueangel | January 6, 2011

Adobe Photoshop Tricks and Tips

Adobe is Introducer Company of wide variety of software programs including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Photoshop is a photo manipulation and design program, while Illustrator is used to design websites, advertising and book covers. There are several tips and tricks to make Photoshop easier and interesting for your use.

Refine Edges in Photoshop

“Refine Edges” button is located at the edge of toolbar on the top of your screen. This can automatically clean up the edges of specific portion.

Blending Options in Photoshop

In Photoshop’s Layers toolbar, you will find “Blending Options”. Choose “Layer” menu and select “Layer Style”. In “Layer Style” you can select “Blending Options”.  “Blending Options” open up a wide variety of effects. You can create several effects to play around with the appearance of your photo. Sparing use of these options is a good idea.

Rounding and Smoothing Text in Photoshop

You can give stylized look to your text in Adobe Photoshop by rounding and smoothing edges of text. You can do this in just a few easy time-saving steps. To do this first “blur the text”, and then adjust the contrast so as to sharpen its look.

Small Arrow Options in Photoshop

In the windows of Photoshop program, you will find “tiny arrows”. These arrows are positioned just under the “X” used to close the window. Single click on these “tiny arrows”, provides you access to a wide variety of new options. These arrows can help you to save your time and efforts.



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