Posted by: blueangel | January 10, 2011

Tips for Beauty Retouching

Photo editing is an art and with the help of certain tools you can make your photos passed off as reality. Photoshop is a blessing for photographers because it allows its users to make their photos perfect. This photo editing software is presented by Adobe. Photoshop is very tricky to learn but after learning its basics there are  lots of activities to do. Photoshop enables you to retouch a photo. You can practically create flawless illusion in photos. Here are some tips for beauty retouching with the help of Photoshop:

Skin Perfection

In first step, you will need to create a new layer. Use “Heal Brush” to go over any blemishes, wrinkles and freckles. You should use multiple strokes to create your desired effect. Now adjust skin tones, this step is necessary to give more realistic looks to skin. You can also use “Band Aid” tool to cover up any blemishes and to smooth the skin.

Adjustments of Body Parts

Adobe Photoshop also allows you to adjust body parts as you need. Go to “Filter” tab and click on the “Liquefy” tool. This tool allows you to create an illusion of a similar or bigger nose, chin, ears, lips, breasts, waist and anything else you would like to adjust. This tool allows you smudging, squishing and moving of a selected part of an image. “Warp” (smudge Ctrl+R) is also a useful tool under filter tabs. This tool is best for making parts smaller by shrinking an area. It doesn’t matter either you are using warp or liquefy, take your time and adjust one small selection at a time.

Thicker Eyelashes

For thicker eyelashes, you should zoom in real close to each eye. Now draw extra eyelashes with the help of “Pen tool”. Just make three points for a curve to create a realistic eyelash. If lashes look unrealistic or don’t blend in properly then change the size or color for better match with other eyelashes. You can use “Blur” and “Selection” tool to blend it together.

Whiter Teeth

If you want a whiter or cleaner look for teeth use “Dodge” tool. Avoid more than three strokes to avoid fake effect. You should do this in second layer and set opacity to 50 – 60%. Any opacity higher than that will be obviously look fake.


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