Posted by: blueangel | January 20, 2011

Google Search Tricks

Google toolbar is also known as Google search bar. This search bar allows you to use Google search engine in your web browser. Google search bar is main feature of website. It allows users to access their desired material using Google search engine.  You can get your desired material entering words and phrases into the search bar. Google search bar generates links to websites containing similar words and phrases. Every new website needs to register with Google in order to get familiarize. Therefore millions of websites are registered with Google. These websites make it difficult to find an obscure source. Fortunately, there are several built-in functions in Google search bar. These built-in functions help to refine searches and perform other operations.

Phrases Tricks

Typically you need to write words in search bar to generate desired results. There is a specific way to search only for desired phrase. For example if you are searching about “heart diseases”, you will get several web pages containing this word.  If you apply quotation marks to phrase like “Heart Diseases”, you will get results specifically for “Heart Diseases” and instead of every page containing “Heart” and “Diseases”.

Currency Conversion

Google search facilitates you with quick currency conversions. If you want to learn current exchange rate of currencies you can write as “yen to dollar” or “euro to dollar” to get quick currency conversion. You will also get graph displaying conversion trends over the years.

Measurement Conversion

You can also get measurement conversions entering “20 pounds to ounces” and Google returns “20 pounds = 320 ounces.” Google carry out measurement conversions within its results.

Quick Google Maps

You can also take advantage of Quick Google Maps. You can enter an address and Google provides you a map along with standard results. You will get basic map of each area.

Limiting Results

You can limit search results by typing a hyphen or minus sign in front of a word or phrase which you want to exclude from search results. “Intel -iPad” searches for websites mentioning “Intel” but not “iPad.”



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