Posted by: blueangel | January 24, 2011

Laptop Touchpad Tricks

Touchpad is a pointing device consists of specialized surface to translate movements and positions of user’s fingers to a virtual position on screen. The touchpad is vital part on laptop. It is designed to ape the pointing movements of a mouse without attachment of any extra device. Touchpad can be used in different ways as compared to standard external mouse. The setting on a touchpad can be tweaked to fit an individual’s needs. You can configure touchpad settings by accessing computer’s operating system. Use of touchpad is quite simple and some people assume it is inferior to use a mouse or any other navigational tool to move about your computer. In fact, the touchpad not only perform normal tasks of a mouse, but it also features few unique tricks. Following are some laptop touchpad tricks:

Secondary Click

Although it seems like you can’t perform “Right Click” on touchpad.  You don’t need to grip control key to performs a “Right Click”. Laptop touchpad perform “Right Click” in different fashion. By clicking with two fingers at same time, you can “Right Click” any item with a touchpad.


To perform “Zooming”, place two fingers on touchpad and then spread them apart to “Zoom In”. Performing reverse command allows you to “Zoom Out”. This technique allows taking a look at anything you want in more detail in one swift movement.


Image rotation entails you to open specific program or employ a tool. Touchpad allows you quicker root for image rotation. Place your thumb on touchpad then rotate a second finger around it to rotate an image.


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