Posted by: blueangel | January 27, 2011

Hidden Tricks for MSN Live

With the passage of time use of internet and its services have been increasing rapidly. In 2010, more than 300 million people of globe use “Windows Live Messenger”. Windows Live Messenger is a free application. It was formerly known as MSN Messenger. This will let you to communicate and share different things or activities with friends via type, talk and video using internet connection. Here are some hidden tricks for MSN Live which allow you to use Window Live Messenger more effectively:

Block Avoidable Messages

MSN live allows you to block unwanted or avoidable messages. Click “Tools” “Options” →”Privacy” then click to check the box displaying message, “Only people on my allow list can see my status and send me messages”. This action will stop spammers from sending you messages and also protect your live information “Online/Offline Status” from prying eyes.

Windows Live Today Popup

You will find a “Windows Live Today” popup screen after log in your account every time. This popup screen can become a nuisance when it pops up at every log in. To avoid this screen, Go to “Tools” → “Options” → “Sign in” and uncheck the box “Show Windows Live Today after I sign in to Messenger” to disable it.

Video Messages

MSN Live facilitates its users to leave or send a video message for their friends. You can leave a video message to any contact that doesn’t respond or sets his/her status “Offline”. To leave a video message “Right-click” on the name in your contact list and select “Send a video message”. Now strike the red button to record your message and “Send” after completing message. You can record message up to 30 seconds long.

Personalize Messenger

You can personalize messenger by modifying its theme. Click “Personalize” → “Change Your Theme” to access settings. This will allow you to select a new theme from MSN’s collection. You can also beautify messenger uploading pictures and backgrounds from your own PC.

Emoticon Shortcuts

There are several emoticons shortcuts. Instead of going to the emoticons menu every time you can use shortcuts. Some well-known shortcuts include“:)” for smiling, “:(” for frowning and “: D” for laughing faces. Some other emoticon shortcuts are “(L)” for a red heart, “(@)” for a cat and “(R)” for a rainbow. You can find out more shortcuts by clicking emoticons drop-down menu available in chat window.


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