Posted by: blueangel | February 3, 2011

Best Features of Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a simple, safe and fast internet browser. It is faster than other browsers. Google Chrome is presented by Google. Google made this attempt to address different problems of web browsers. Google develop an internet “centric operating system” after development of Google Chrome. It was introduced in late 2008. Google Chrome gains more than 4.6% of user market share. Now it is 3rd most popular web browser. It beats Apple’s web browser “Safari”. Google Chrome offers a number of cool features. Following you will read best features of Google Chrome:

Tabbed Browsing

Tabbed browsing is one of the most useful features in Google chrome. Tabbed browsing facilitates you to browse more than one topics in single window. Tabbed browsing has improved browsing experience enormously. Here are few keyboard shortcuts for tabbed browsing in Google Chrome:

  • To move cursor to location bar strike “Ctrl + L”
  • If you want to open a new tab then strike “Ctrl + T”
  • If you want to close a tab strike the keys “Ctrl + W”
  • If you had closed open tabs by mistake, you can reopen by striking “Ctrl + Shift + T”
  • If you want to navigate from one tab to another, you will strike “Ctrl + Tab” to move in forward direction and to move in backward direction strike “Ctrl + Shift + Tab”.

Google Chrome is better than other browsers because there is a common problem with browsers that if one of tabs/windows crashes whole browser crashes. Google Chrome is a stable browser and modernized tabbed browsing in a way that crashed tab doesn’t affect working of other tabs. Google Chrome facilitates users to manage browser history easily. Google Chrome uses private web search mode known as “Incognito mode”.

Browsing through Google Chrome is easy. You can’t find separate search box in other browsers but Google Chrome facilitates its users. In Google Chrome location/address box serves as a search box. You can start your search just typing into search bar what you want to find. Google Chrome diminishes the needs of search engines.



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