Posted by: blueangel | February 7, 2011

Adobe Illustrator Tools Shortcuts

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor. It is developed by Adobe systems. CS5 is the latest version of Illustrator. It is 15th generation in Adobe product line. Here you can find some keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Illustrator. These shortcuts will make your work more convenient:

Illustrator Tools Shortcut Keys
Selection V
Direct Selection A
Magic Wand Y
Lasso Q
Pen P
Add Anchor Point =
Delete Anchor Point
Convert Anchor Point Shift + C
Type T
Line Segment \
Rectangle M
Paintbrush B
Pencil N
Rotate R
Reflect O
Scale S
Warp Shift + R
Free Transform E
Symbol Sprayer Shift + S
Column Graph J
Mesh U
Gradient G
Eyedropper I
Paint Bucket K
Blend W
Slice Shift + K
Scissors C
Hand H
Zoom Z
Toggle Fill/Stroke X
Default D
Swap Fill/Stroke Shift + X
Color ,
Gradient .
None /
Toggle Screen Mode F
Show/Hide All Palettes Tab
Show/Hide All But Toolbox Shift + Tab
Symbolism Tools – Increase Diameter ]
Symbolism Tools – Decrease Diameter [
Symbolism Tools – Increase Intensity Shift + }
Symbolism Tools – Decrease Intensity Shift + {

You will memorize these keyboard shortcuts for better results.


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