Posted by: blueangel | February 10, 2011

Tools for Outlook 2007

There are several tools in Microsoft Outlook 2007. These tools provide access to email, calendar and task management capabilities. These options allow users to personalize outlook according to their needs suitability. Ribbon of Microsoft Outlook 2007 has several options. It will allow you to manage options of Outlook. Following you can find information about tools for Outlook 2007:


Outlook 2007 is an email client so it provides you different tools to manage your email. You can set junk mail control settings by specifying names of safe senders and senders necessary to be blocked. You can also decide level of junk mail filtration according to your desire. You can also allow persons from designated safe list and can also disable hyperlinks in incoming email messages to protect you from potential phishing messages. Phishing messages are unsavory individual’s attempts to hack your computer. You can create an email folder, this folder helps to file email notes in an organized fashion and makes them easy to find at a later time.


Microsoft Outlook 2007 offers different options to personalize calendar according to your needs. For example, you can decide day for beginning of week on calendar. You can also disappear holidays from calendar. You can designate your desired holidays on calendar. Outlook will also allow you to set reminders for listed events and reminder alters prior your appointments.


Outlook 2007 also contains contact-management system. It allows several options to personalize this system. You can also include photographs of your contact with contact information. This will also allow you to do settings for appearance of contact names either you want full name or first or last name of contact. There are also several options for contact data like you can include cell phone, home phone and work phone numbers. Some handheld devices such as Apple iPhone can synchronize contact data in MS Outlook into device for reference while travel.


Task tool helps you to organize several jobs and responsibilities according to their importance. Task list allows you to label each item into color categories. You can also set follow up reminder options. You can mark completed tasks or can make a complete record of accomplished tasks.


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