Posted by: blueangel | February 21, 2011

Magic Wand Tool in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe illustrator is a vector graphic editor developed by adobe. A lot of tools of adobe illustrator are similar to Adobe Photoshop but the functions and uses of some tools are still different. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator both have “Magic Wand Tool” so luckily if you can use “Magic Wand Tool” of Adobe Photoshop then its use in Adobe Illustrator can be easy for you. Here are some useful instructions to use magic wand tool in Adobe Illustrator:

  • Select a new document “Ctrl + N” and practice some “filled and stroked shapes” on this document in Adobe Illustrator. You can utilize “rectangle tool” or one of the other shape tools.
  • Now click on “magic wand tool” in the toolbar then click on your shape. Your desired path is now highlighted. Highlighting pattern of Illustrator is dissimilar to Photoshop because Illustrator doesn’t use marching ants to show highlight like Photoshop.
  • If you want to access more options double click on “magic wand tool” in the toolbar. A little menu will pop up in front of you.
  • You can expand this little menu with the help of small icon in the upper right of the menu.
  • Check one of the boxes such as “stroke” or “fill color”. It depends on your need that which box you want to check.  “Magic wand tool” will now select everything in the layer. It will let you perform several tasks such as if you have a bunch of green and yellow rectangles “check fill color → click on a green rectangle” all of the green rectangles will be selected.

If you want to highlight more than one type of object at once, hold down “Shift Key”.



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