Posted by: blueangel | February 28, 2011

Tips to Speed Up Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser managed by Mozilla Corporation. This is second most widely used web browser and has approximately 30% worldwide share of web browsers. Mozilla corporation introduced several new versions and with every new version Mozilla Firefox is sucking up more and more memory. This memory also stimulates users to figure out ways to speed up Firefox. I am suggesting you some tips to speed up Firefox to optimize your browsing experience:

  • In first step you will check for additional themes or extensions and uninstall all additional themes or extensions. To uninstall go to “Tools → Add-ons”, an “Add-ons” window will open in front of screen containing list of all present themes and Add-ons. Simply select any theme of extension you don’t need and click “Uninstall”.
  • You can also uninstall unnecessary plugins or download most recent versions of plugins. If you want to see details of installed plugins, open a new tab or browser then type in address bar “about:plugins” and hit “Enter”. If you want to uninstall any plugins, you also need to remove file associated with that plugin. Associated file name is also listed under plugin name.
  • Clear out your private data is one of the best ways to speed up Firefox. For this purpose, open Firefox browser, Click “Tools → Clear Private Data”. Before doing this step make it sure that everything is useless. Now hit “Clear Private Data Now”. Your private data will include browsing history, download history, saved forms or search history, cache, cookies, offline website data, saved password and authenticated sessions. Firefox enables you to choose which data you want to erase so there is no need to delete everything in your private data. Try to keep less private data because maximum saved data can be a hurdle in speed of Firefox.
  • To maintain your Firefox browser continuously, you should clear out private data every time after finishing your work. For this purpose go to “Tools → Options”, now check the box under “Private Data” such as “Always Clear My Private Data When I Closed Firefox”. In some Firefox browser you can manage your history under “Privacy Tab” in Options window.

“Options Window” also enables you to customize different Firefox setting by check or uncheck boxes.


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