Posted by: blueangel | March 2, 2011

Tips to Enhance Computer Speed

Efficiency of computer can be determined through its speed. Sometime slow speed of computer forces you to bang your head against your keyboard. In this state people find different ways to speed up sluggish computer. Here are some tips to enhance computer speed:

Unwanted Programs

Every program that runs on your computer needs availability of its own files and sufficient space of hard drive. Therefore you should keep only necessary programs on your computer. You should check your PC and remove all unnecessary programs if any. Removing unwanted programs will free up resources needed for extra speed. For this purpose navigate to “Start → Control Panel → Add/Remove Programs”. Program list populates in front of your screen so simply click “Remove” to delete unwanted programs from your system.

Keep Your Registry Clean

Computer registry has great effect on computer speed. You need to remove old registry keys either manually or using special cleanup tools. You can download free cleanup software from internet.

Scan Your Computer for Viruses

Virus, spy ware, Trojan and other malicious programs are most common causes of slow computer speed. You should scan your machine on regular basis with your anti-virus and also keep your anti-virus up-to-date. You can download free versions of ant-virus from internet.

Increase Physical and Virtual Memory of Computer

Increasing the size of physical and virtual memory or swap file can also increase computer speed. To increase memory navigate to “Start → Control Panel → System → Advanced → Performance → Advanced → Virtual Memory”.


Defragmentation of hard disk can also speedup your PC. For this click “Start → Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Computer Management → Disk Defragmenter”.

Above mentioned surefire ways are best to speed up your computer. After using these tips to enhance computer speed your PC can run much faster.


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