Posted by: blueangel | March 4, 2011

Tips to Wake on LAN with Ping

“Wake-On-LAN” is an Ethernet computer networking standard that allows computer to be turned on by a networking message which is usually sent by a computer program. It is supported network adapter and necessary to remotely boot a computer on network. It helps computer to be pinged with another computer on network to initiate boot sequence. Ping is a signal sent from one computer to another and can be sent directly from Command Prompt in Windows. Here I am sharing some tips to “Wake on LAN” with ping:

  • Open “Start” menu on computer and click on “Run” then type “CMD” into search box and hit “Enter”.
  • Now type “ipconfig/all” and hit “Enter” in open window and make note of “Physical address, IP address and subnet mask”.
  • Open “Command Prompt” on computer from which you will be sending the “Wake-on-LAN” command. Now type “ping” followed by the computer that you will be sending the “Wake on LAN” command. Now type “ping” and IP address followed by computer that you want to send the “Wake-on-LAN” command. For example, if IP address is “” you will type “ping” and hit “Enter” key. Now look at the results and make note of port number if there is listed but if no port is listed then by default the port number is “7”.
  • After this turn off the computer that will be remotely booted.
  • Type “wolcmd” followed by physical address, IP address, subnet mask and port number in command prompt. For instance information is:
    • Computer 1
    • Physical Address: 002719C89B40
    • IP Address:
    • Subnet Mask:
    • Port: 7
    • Enter “wolcmd 002719C89B40 7”
  • Hit “Enter” key to send the command and boot the remote computer.

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