Posted by: blueangel | March 11, 2011

Tips to Use PDF Editor

Adobe Acrobat is family application software of Adobe Systems designed to manipulate, print and manage PDF “Portable Document Format”. If you want to make substantial changes in PDF document you need to use original source of application and then create new Adobe Acrobat PDF. Touch-ups and add-on text are tools used to edit PDF documents. Today I am sharing some tips to use PDF Editor:

PDF Editor

Use PDF Editor to create a new document for this purpose select “File” → “Create PDF” → “From Blank Page”.

Adobe Acrobat will automatically add up to 19 additional blank pages while you are typing. Now use the new “document’s toolbar” to format your font, alignments, margins, paper size and orientation. Title and save your new PDF.

After this Re-open your document if you need to add or edit it some more. Then click on “Document” → “Resume Editing”. After completing it select “Document” → “Prevent Further Edits” and then follow the prompts to confirm if you want to prevent any more changes.


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