Posted by: blueangel | March 14, 2011

Tip to Record Macro in MS Word

MS Word is very useful application as it enables users to create and format simple to complex documents using a full range of codes and built in tools of software. Its proper learning is fun for those people who create documents for living. Today I will share some tips to record Macro in Ms Word 2007. Adding macros to MS Word can save your lots of time because it enables you to record and automate a series of repetitive keystrokes into one click of mouse or one touch of finger. If you want to add macro in MS Word 2007 you can follow below mentioned tips to record macro in MS Word:

  • Open Word 2007 and click on “View” tab then click on “Macros” → “Record Macro”. A dialogue box will open. Here you assign a name to macro but you should prefer name which you can remember easily. Now click “OK” to direct to “Record Macro” window.
  • You can also assign a button or a keyboard shortcut to your macro. If you want a keyboard shortcut click the “keyboard icon” or can directed to “modify button” window or “commands” window depending on what method you choose.
  • You should create button by selecting an icon symbol in the “modify button” window. At the bottom of dialogue box you can type more descriptive display name than the one you have picked previously.  Now click “OK” and your icon will be added to your “Quick Access Toolbar”. You will notice that cursor will now look like a cassette tape.
  • You can assign a keyboard shortcut by selecting your named macro in the “command box”. Type keyboard sequence according to your desire and which you can easily remember in “Press New Shortcut Key” box and then click “assign”. Your cursor has shape like a cassette tape.
  • Record macro by performing all keyboard actions and information you want to record in your macro. After finishing your work stop recording by hitting “View tab → Macros → Stop Recording”. Your new macro has now been successfully added in MS Word.
  • You can run your macro by hitting icon you have assigned to your quick access toolbar or by typing keyboard shortcut assigned to it. Repetitive tasks you recorded will now be automated in one click of button.

You should be careful while assigning name or short key to your macro. Avoid choosing name for your macro that conflicts with built in MS Word tools or functions.


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