Posted by: blueangel | March 16, 2011

Flyer Designing in Adobe Illustrator

Flyer designing is an art and it can be a tough process for those who have no practice for this. Flyers are one of most convenient marketing tools if designed in effective way. Through flyers you have only three seconds to catch attention of passerby and in case of failure you can lose your potential customer. Flyers facilitate you in multiple ways to grab attention of audience. You need to use different techniques to design your flyers in unique style according to flyer’s theme. Several tools of Adobe Illustrator are similar to Adobe Photoshop therefore if you know use of Photoshop then flyer designing in Adobe Illustrator can be easy for you. If you want to design flyer in Adobe Illustrator you can consider below mentioned guidelines:


For flyer designing in Adobe Illustrator you will use layers. You need to add layer manually in Adobe Illustrator because unlike Adobe Photoshop illustrator has no option to automatically add its own layers. Layers can make your work easy because layers allocate you convenience pace to experiment many more creative decisions. If you want to add new layer you can click “Create New Layer” under “Layers Window”.


You should experiment different typography to add contents in flyers. You can use “Type Tool” to create a text box for your text. For text experiment you will select words then click “Type” in Illustrator’s menu and select “Create Outlines”. Now open “brushes menu” by clicking “Window → Brushes”. You can apply different brushstrokes to your text for different results.

Gradient Effect

You can give different gradient effects to your flyer by considering “Gradient Tool”. It is best tool to make your flyer attractive. You can create different shapes with the help of “Shape Tool” then use “Gradient Tools” to give gradient effects. Gradient tool is found next to “Mesh Tool”. To change placement of gradient click your gradient and then drag. You can change both the length and the angle/direction affect according to your desire. If you want to apply different colors then use the “Gradient Window” to select the desired colors.


“Pen tool” is found next to “Type Tool” which is used to create shape of flyer. After giving a finishing touch to flyer you can take its print out and after print out cut flyer’s edges to adjust it in desired shape. Flyer can be in the shape of hexagon or some organic shape or guitar. You can choose any shape according to your purpose such as if you are designing flyer to promote your fast food restaurant you can give it shape of burger. Try to design your flyer in a way that it will attract more eyes than an ordinary flyer.


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