Posted by: blueangel | March 19, 2011

Adobe Acrobat Shortcut Keys

Every software can be used effectively if users know its shortcut keys. Some software allow users to create shortcut keys by themselves but mostly software come with built-in shortcut keys that can optimize usability speed of that software. Today I am going to share a list of keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Acrobat along with little description for each key:

Shortcut Keys Description of Shortcut Keys
F1 Give the help of any windows plate
F3 Find next search results
F5 Select the document list panel
F6 Document list panel can be opened and closed
F8 Main tools bar list can be viewed or closed
F9 Main menu bar will be viewed or closed
F10 Select main menu bar
Ctrl + F4 Close the opened file
Ctrl + F6 Go through next open file
Ctrl + Shift + F6 Go back to open file
Shift + F3 Locate earlier search results
Shift + F6 Select preceding open page
Shift + F8 Choose main tools bar list
Shift + F10 Open context menu
Up Arrow Button Move up the active file
Down Arrow Button Move down the current file
Ctrl + Hyphen Zoom out the current page
Ctrl + =(sign of equal) Zoom in active page
Alt + Right Arrow Button Have next view
Alt + Left Arrow Button Have preceding view
Right Arrow Button Move to next page in current document
Left Arrow Button Move to back page in current document
Page Up Go to preceding screen
Page Down Move to next screen
Ctrl + Shift + W Close all open windows
Ctrl + Spacebar + Click on Active Page Zoom the active page
Ctrl + Home Move to home page of file
Ctrl + End Move to last page of file
Ctrl + A To make selection on all pages
Ctrl + Shift + A To deselect all pages
Enter To scroll down the pages
Ctrl + 0 For adjustment of document
Ctrl + 1 Have  view of file in its genuine size
Ctrl + Q To leave the current file
Ctrl + L Have view the file in full
Ctrl + Shift + + To move page clockwise
Ctrl + Shift + – To move the page anticlockwise

Memorize the shortcut keys shared above and speedup your working on Adobe Acrobat.


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