Posted by: blueangel | March 26, 2011

Instant Tips to Create Table in MS Word 2007

Word 2007 is an excellent application that brings superb features to improve presentation of a document. It enhances your way of exchanging information with other people. One of most prominent and excellent features is creating tables. You can create table in MS Word 2007 more quickly as such instant tips may never meet you ever before. These instant tips are going to be shared with you with a confidence that you will find these simpler to create and format tables. Normally, you use insert table option to create tables in MS Word 2007 by following draw table option. Other than this method, a way of creating tables in MS Word is here that many people are not familiar with. By applying these steps you will find creating tables in Word 2007 more quickly ever before:

  • Keep the cursor at place where you want to draw the table.
  • Once you are sure about placement, type there a “+” sign.
  • After typing first “+” sign, again this sign will be typed at that place where you want to finish a column.
  • After second “+” sign, press enter. This will create a box there.
  • Continue this step until unless you insert all required columns in your table.
  • A table with required number of columns and one row will be created after following above steps.
  • Now come to create rows in your table. Rows can be added by clicking at the end of the first row outside the table.
  • Now press enter to add rows.

Once you have created table in your document, you can apply modifying techniques to this table same as you can alter any other table. To alter the table, you can right-click on four headed arrows outside the table by going in Table Properties from menu.


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