Posted by: blueangel | March 29, 2011

Remove Hyperlinks from Word 2007 Documents

You may find it trouble to remove hyperlinks from text copied from web and pasted in into word. When you copy text from web, its hyperlinks also get transferred to your document with its contents. If you don’t want to have these hyperlinks in your content, you can remove them easily from your contents without disturbing its format. Here you are provided with some special tricks to remove hyperlinks from word 2007 documents:

  • Copy text from web page in new word document.
  • Don’t paste the copied content with paste shortcut of “Ctrl + V” but click on the arrow under the Paste Button in the Home tab.
  • Hit the Paste Special option from Paste menu.

  • Paste Special dialog box will appear on your screen. Select “Unformatted Text” from the list named as “As”.

  • Click Ok button at the end. No hyperlinks will be transferred to your document.

Alternate Method:

There is another very easy method to remove hyperlinks in word 2007 document if copied from web page. Follow the tips shared below:

  • Select all content in document by striking combination of “Ctrl + A”
  • Now press combination of “Ctrl + Shift + F9”

All hyperlinks will be removed from contents and format of document will not be disturbed. This shortcut key is useful for MS Word 2003 to MS Word 2010.


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