Posted by: blueangel | April 7, 2011

Tips to Convert Table into Text in Word File

Once you have created a table and inserted data into it, you can convert table into text. Yes the tips I am going to share today are all about converting table into text in word document. Follow the tips shared below to convert table into text without deleting table and writing text again:

  • Make selection to the entire table.
  • Select “convert to text” option from the Table menu,
  • A submenu will appear.
  • Select the desired option from the dialog box to separate the text of cells and click Ok button.

Text is cells will be separated as:

Paragraph Marks: Data in each cell is converted to a paragraph of a document.

Tabs: Tabs are inserted between text of cell.

Commas: Commas are inserted between text.

Others: You can insert other defined character between text of cell.

Here I give a table with contents for your assistance:

text sample character
Weather Rain Sun
Moon Shine Night
Day River Dream

I converted this table into text using Tabs separator. You can see the table after conversion as:

text                          sample                    character

Weather                  Rain                         Sun

Moon                       Shine                       Night

Day                          River                       Dream


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