Posted by: blueangel | April 12, 2011

Tricks to Improve Windows Vista Performance

Today I am going to share several tips that can help you in improving Windows Vista Performance. Follow the tips shared below:

  • First of all you should remove scrap software from your PC. You must have seen that most of computer dealers bundle a lot of software when they sell Windows like Windows Vista installed systems. Most of users don’t need all these software. If you also find these software unnecessary for you, you should remove these software from your PC which can subsequently result in increased Windows Vista performance.
  • Another very common complaint of Windows Vista users is its vulnerability to viruses. To resolve this issue, Microsoft has added a lot of things into Vista. Windows Defender is one of these features. If you have enough knowledge about what can be grounds of virus attacks or other security troubles, then you don’t need to have this feature. You can disable Windows Defender by going in Control Panel, select administrative tools, services, windows defender and stop it.
  • Disabling User Access Control (UAC) feature can also improve Windows Vista performance as UAC is one of the most annoying features. When you click anything that influences system configuration, a popup appears asking whether you want to execute operation or not? You may be irritated with this popup if you are a power user then you should disable it. To disable this feature; go in control panel, then user account and turn user account control off.
  • You can improve Windows Vista performance by disabling unnecessary services. Indentify unnecessary services by going into Control Panel, select administrative tools then services and stop/disable unnecessary services.
  • Another way is to disable windows search indexing to improve Windows Vista performance especially if you have new system.
  • Make sure to monitor your task manager on regular basis.
  • If you follow all tips mentioned above and have same complain that your system’s performance is still slow, you need to buy a new PC to run Windows Vista. Remember you need to have at least 2GB RAM for improved performance.



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