Posted by: blueangel | April 19, 2011

Tips to Write Spiral Text in Adobe Photoshop

Here is a set of simple tips for you to create spiral text effect on Path feature of Photoshop CS. Follow the tips shared below:

  • Start a new file, mine in 500 x 500. Then select a new layer. Use rectangular marquee tool to create a selection half of the entire image. Now fill the selection with black.
  • Once you have done first step, now apply this filter to the layer as Filter___Distort___Twirl at an angle of 999. Now press CTRL + F to apply this filter again.
  • Now you need to load the selection of the spiral, move your cursor over the spirals layer and do a click on layer holding the CTRL button pressed.
  • Now open the Paths Pallette, and make sure it is on the same panel as your layers. If not, go to Windows then Paths. In paths palette click on the “Make New Path from Selection” button. You will see a new path layer created with the converted selection into the vector.
  • Move back to the layers palette and you will see a path version of your spiral. You can hide your spiral’s layer to see your complete paths.
  • Now select Type Tool and then in Paragraphs palette (Windows___Paragraphs) set your text align to “Right Align”. Now move text cursor over to the center of the spiral and click to type. Make sure text follows the path of spiral outward.
  • You can hide the paths so that you can see the text better by pressing CTRL + H.

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