Posted by: blueangel | April 23, 2011

Shortcut Keys for Skype

Today you will be provided with a list of hot shortcut keys and chat commands for Skype messenger.

Alt + Page Up To answers a call
Ctrl + Alt + Page Up To answers a call with video option
Alt +Page Down To reject or hang up call
Ctrl + E To navigate between events history and contact list
Ctrl + U To show or Hide offline contacts
Ctrl + W To hide main Skype window
Ctrl + Q To quit Skype
Ctrl + F To find or search this chat
F3/Shift + F3 To find next or previous match (use after Ctrl+F)
Ctrl + W To close or hide chat window
F6 To move to Quickfilter
Escape To clear the Quickfilter
/add skypename To add the specified Skype Name to this chat (example: “/add Lucas”)
/help To see the list available system commands
/topic newtopic To change chat topic to “newtopic”
/me something others will see an action that you perform (example: “Lucas smiles”)
/history To show full history for the chat (you can then review and search it)
/find text To find messages containing “text” in the chat
/fa or / To repeat last search


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