Posted by: gracelydia51 | May 3, 2011

Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook Express

Using outlook express is a common trend in business world. It is used to send emails to clients. If you use outlook express in routine to send plenty of emails then it is sure that you will get benefit from the list o f keyboard shortcuts shared for using outlook express shared below:

Shortcut Key


Control + P To print the pages
Control + M To send and receive email
Delete or (Control + D) To delete an email
Control + N To open a new email message/ Same key for posting an email
Control + Shift + B To open the address book
Control + R To send reply to the author of message
Control + F To send reply to forward an email
Control + Shift + R To send reply to all messages/when same reply is to be sent
Control + I To go into your inbox
Control + > To navigate to next message in the list
Control + Shift + > Same command as mentioned in above cell
Alt + Enter To view properties of a selected message
F5 To refresh news messages and headers
Control + U To move to next unread email message
Control + Shift + U Navigate to unread news conversation
Control + Y To go into a folder
Control + K or Alt + K To check names
Press F7 To check spellings of names
Control + Shift + S Insert a signature
Control + Enter Send a message
Alt + S Same command as mentioned in above cell
F1 To open Help window
Control + A Select all messages/content
Control + O or Enter To open a selected message
Control + Enter or Control + O To mark an message to show that it is opened
Control + W To go into news group
Left Arrow Button or (+) sign Expand a news conversation
Right Arrow Button or (-) Sign To hide messages
Control + J To move to next unread news group
Control + Shift + M Download news to read online
Esc To close an opened message
F3 To find next
Control + Shift + F Find a message
Control + Tab To navigate from one to other tab of Edit, Source and Preview

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