Posted by: gracelydia51 | May 5, 2011

Keyboard Shortcut Keys for WordPad

Today I will share keyboard shortcut keys to help you to speedup your working in WordPad. Here is a list of these shortcut keys

Shortcut key Action
Control + N To create a new WordPad document
Control + O To open an existing WordPad  document
Control + S To save changes to a document
F12 To save the document as a new file
Control + P To print a document
Alt + F4 To close WordPad
Control + Z To undo a change made
Control + Y To redo a change made
Control + A To select the entire document
Control + X To cut a selection
Control + C To copy a selection to the Clipboard
Control + V To paste a selection from the Clipboard
Control + B To make selected text bold
Control + I To Italicize selected text
Control + U Ton underline selected text
Control + = To make selected text subscript
Control + Shift + = To make selected text superscript
Control + L To Align text left
Control + E To Align text center
Control + R To Align text right
Control + J To Justify text
Control + 1 To set single line spacing
Control + 2 To set double line spacing
Control + 5 To set line spacing to 1.5
Control + Shift + > To increase the font size
Control + Shift + < To decrease the font size
Control + Shift + A To change characters to all capitals
Control + Shift + L To change the bullet style
Control + D To insert a Microsoft Paint drawing
Control + F To find text in a document
F3 To find the next instance of the text in the Find dialog box
Control + H To replace text in a document
Control + Left Arrow To move the cursor one word to the left
Control + Right Arrow To move the cursor one word to the right
Control + Up Arrow To move the cursor to the line above
Control + Down Arrow To move the cursor to the line below
Control + Home To move to the beginning of the document
Control + End To move to the end of the document
Control + Page Up To move up one page
Control + Page Down To move down one page
Control + Delete To delete the next word
F10 To display keytips
Shift + F10 To show the current shortcut menu
F1 To open WordPad Help

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