Posted by: gracelydia51 | May 12, 2011

Adobe Photoshop: Glossy Orb Button

Today’s tutorial is to teach a new trick to adobe Photoshop learners which is to create glossy org button. You can use this orb button for different purposes like a logo etc. Follow the tips shared below:

  • First of all start a new document of about 250 x 250 pixels and select your “elipse tool: shape in your toolbar and draw a perfect shape in round. Make sure to keep the shift key pressed while drawing circle. This way you will get a perfect round shape.
  •  Now follow this layer style to move ahead; gradient overlay, bevel and emboss.
  • Again select your circle shape tool and draw another circle of same shape on top of previous circle. This time size of circle should be little smaller than the old circle and place it in the center on top of bottom layer.
  • Now follow these layers styles to be applied on the newer layer; gradient overlay, inner shadow, stroke.
  • Now again create a new layer and two more shapes. Use the Elliptical marquee tool to make selection on the shape.
  • Now navigate your cursor to layers pallete and place it just above the top shape’s layer. Keep pressing a combination of Control, Shift, Alt and Click keys at that time on that layer. Your selection will be converted to another selection. Fill this layer with white color and at the end press Control + D to remove the selection.
  • Now set the layer to soft light and change its opacity to 80%. Now use the eraser tool with a soft edge and erase bottom portion of that layer.
  • You can avail option to add hue and saturation layer above all the layers for adjusting color of your orb button. For adding hue and saturation layer, click on hue and saturation icon on bottom of the layer pallete.

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