Posted by: gracelydia51 | May 21, 2011

Adding Drop Caps in MS Word 2007

You can use feature to add drop caps in MS Word 2007 while writing. Mostly this feature is used to add emphasis on a word in a paragraph. Drop cap is a huge letters at the start of a paragraph. Adding drop caps in your document will make it very elegant and stylish.

In order to drop caps in paragraphs in Word 2007, follow the tips shared below:

  • First of all click on starting of a paragraph
  • Now click on the Insert tab at the top of page
  • Select Drop Cap from the Text group in the ribbon

You will be provided with three options in drop down menu of Drop Cap. You can select any option you want to use in your document.

Moreover you can personalize these options according to your choice by clicking on the Drop Cap options from menu.

Here you will see a drop cap options dialog box opened where you can modify the position, lines to drop and front of the drop cap.

When you add drop cap in your paragraph its size doesn’t change. You can select font size of drop cap word as well as of rest of text. Adding this feature your document will look very innovative and artistic.


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