Posted by: gracelydia51 | May 24, 2011

Insert Caption in MS Word 2007

You will get lots of useful features in MS Word 2007 like you can easily insert images, tables, objects etc along with text in Word 2007. Today’s topic is all about inserting caption in Word 2007 if you have inserted images, tables and other objects in your document. Labeling and image can easily be done by you by inserting caption. Use of caption will help you in defining an object, image or table. Here is a collection of tips that will help you in inserting caption in MS Word 2007. Follow the tips shared below:

  • Select the table, picture or object you have inserted in your MS Word document
  • Now select the References menu from the menu bar given at the top of the page
  • Now click on insert caption in Captions Group
  • Here you will see the Caption dialog box. Select the thing you want to label in front of the Label box
  • Click on new label
  • Now type in the caption in New Label dialog box
  • At the end click on the OK button

Numbering of the caption updates automatically so if you want to add further information of numbering, you can click on the numbering button in caption dialog box and click OK. Automatic numbering will make it very simple if you want to rearrange the tables or pictures in the Word document.


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