Posted by: gracelydia51 | May 28, 2011

Tips to Display Hidden Settings of iPhone Handsets

Today you will find collection of useful tips to play with your iPhone handset. This post contains secret codes that will work on most of Apple mobile handsets. You can display hidden information of your iPhone handset and troubleshoot routine problems using these secret codes. See the list of latest Apple codes list:

Secret Code                Action
*#06# Display IMEI Number of mobile  
*225# For displaying balance detail of postpaid number    
*#43# Verify if call waiting is enabled
*#61#  Verify number for unanswered calls
*#62# Verify number for call forwarding if no service is available
*#67#  Verify number for call forwarding if phone is busy
*#646# Display the minute detail of postpaid number
*777# Display the balance detail of prepaid number    
*3001#12345#* Display the iPhone inner settings
*#33# Verify whether barring is enabled or disabled for outgoing
*#21#                          Display the settings for your call forwarding

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