Posted by: gracelydia51 | May 31, 2011

Clear Confidential Information on System Shutdown

During process of data processing some operating systems use the hard disk as memory that is known as virtual memory. In processing, operating system transfers some of data programs and information on hard disk from RAM and you can reload that programs and information when required. The transferred information and programs are stored on hard drive in temporary file that is known as swap file. This process of transferring data from RAM to hard disk is called paging. It takes lots of time in completion of paging. Problem in all this process is that the information that is being stored may contain your confidential information that can be misused by any other person after you shutdown your system. To reduce this risk, you can set your computer to clear out page file page file to clear out automatically that stores your information each time when you shutdown.

Follow the steps given below to set your system to clear page file automatically:

Log in to your computer with administrative rights. Now click on start button to open control panel and click on Administrative Tools option.

Here you will see local security settings panel appeared. Click on local policies on left side of the panel and then click on security options. Now double click on shutdown: clear virtual memory pagefile option.

Now a small dialog box will appear on your screen where you will find option Enabled or Disabled the page file. Here select the Enabled radio button for setting the clear page file each time you shutdown your system.

At the end click the Apply option to save the settings and then click OK button to finish.


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