Posted by: gracelydia51 | June 16, 2011

How to Display Hidden Settings of Samsung Mobile Phones?

Today my post is all about secret codes of Samsung mobile phones. These codes may not work for all Samsung mobile phones but you can try using these codes in latest mobile phones of Samsung. Using these secret codes, you can display the hidden information about mobiles and solve any routine problem. Just have a look at the list given below:



Display the Mobile Software Version *#9999#
Reboot the Samsung Handsets #*3849#
To Display the IMEI Number of the Mobile *#06#
To On/Off the Mobile Time #*2558#
To Unlock the Latest Samsung Set #*7337#
To Activate and Deactivate GSM Features #*4760#
To Verify the Memory and Battery Information *#9998*246#
To Verify the Lock Status of Mobile *#7465625#
To Display the Serial Number of Mobile *#0001#
To Unlock Mobile Code *2767*637#
To Display Storage Capacity of Mobile *#8999*636#
To Reboot the Samsung Handsets #*2562#

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