Posted by: gracelydia51 | August 27, 2011

Different Ways of Navigating in Document

To view different parts of a document, cursor is moved in document which is called navigating in a document. There are different ways of navigating in document. You can either move cursor with keyboard or mouse.

Using Mouse for Navigation

Mouse is an input device which provides a fast method to navigate in the document. Click the location where you want to enter or edit text in the same window. To move into other portion of document, Scroll Bar is used. Follow these steps to navigate in current document using mouse through Scroll bar.

For moving up down, follow given steps:

  • Click up or down arrow of Vertical Scroll Bar if you want to move one line up or down.
  • To move one page up or down of document, click Next Page or Previous Page arrow of Vertical Scroll Bar.
  • To move quickly into the document, drag up or down the Scroll Box of Vertical Scroll Box.

For moving right and left, follow these steps:

  • To move one column to right, click Right arrow of Horizontal Scroll Bar.
  • Similarly, click Left arrow of Horizontal Scroll Bar to move one column to left.
  • To see information on right or left of Document Window, drag right or left the Scroll Box of Horizontal Scroll Bar.

Using Keyboard for Navigation

Keyboard navigation keys can also be used to move in document. Navigation keys are those which are used to move cursor on screen. These keys are given below along with their functions:

  • Arrow Keys: Arrow keys are used to move cursor left, right, up and down into document on screen. These keys are also known as cursor keys.
  • Page up Key: This key is used to move cursor one page up of Document Window on screen.
  • Page down Key: It is used to move the cursor one page down of Document Window on the screen.
  • Home Key: This key moves the cursor to beginning of current line.
  • End Key: It moves the cursor to end of current line.
  • Ctrl + Home Keys: They move cursor to the beginning of document.
  • Ctrl + End Keys: They move cursor to the end of document.

Using Go To Command for Navigation

“Go To” command of MS Word can also be used to move into Word document. This command gives you a very fast method to go to a specific location of a current document. For example, you can move cursor directly to a specific page number or line number. To apply Go To command, you can use any of the following methods:

  • From Edit menu, select Go To command.
  • Use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + G.

After using any of the above methods, a dialog box will be appeared. In the dialog box, select your desired choice from list box Go To What and then enter the value into text box. If you want to go to a page number, select page from list box and then enter page number in text box.


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