Posted by: abbascom | September 14, 2011

Bookmarking a Web Page in Top 3 Web Browsers

When I brows web, sometimes I find the web which I want to visit again. For this I bookmark the web page or in other words I add the page to my favorite list so that I can reach that page instantly without typing its URL. Though I can’t make more than one page my Home page, but I can bookmark any number of web pages in my web browser.

These days the top most used web browsers are Microsoft IE, Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome. These browsers are popular for its speed, security and easy-to-use interface. Here are the steps using which you can bookmark your favorite web pages. This lesson will be greatly useful to the beginners.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

In Microsoft Internet explorer, this option is named as Favorites. It is very simple to use this option.

When you are at the requires page, click on the Favorites tab. It will open a list where you can choose Add to Favorite option. It will lead you to a window asking you the following:

  1. Name: What do you want to name the page.
  2. Create in: Where you want your page to be located so that you can open it instantly. This option will appear clicking on the Create in button.

When you have put the information, click Ok button. You will find your page in the Favorite list under the specified folder.

For Mozilla FireFox:

Bookmark tab in Mozilla FireFox carries many useful options which allow you quickly access to your required web page.

When you are at the web page, click on the Bookmark tab on the top or simply press Ctrl + D from keyboard. It will open a window asking you

  1. Name: What will be the title of web page you are going to Bookmark.
  2. Folder: Where you want to add this bookmark from the pre-designed folders of browser. Clicking the down arrow button shows the folder locations. Either you can create new folder for your bookmark.
  3. Tags: Do you want to add any tags to open this page instantly.

Edit the information for the web page and click Done button.

Using Bookmark tab, you can Bookmark all open tabs simultaneously, organize your Bookmarks, see the most visited and recently visited pages, go directly to the recently Bookmarked page etc. it is one of the significant features of Mozilla FireFox which you can use for your convenience.

For Google Chrome:

Like the above browsers, Chrome also offers easy way to Bookmark the web pages.

When you are at your required page, click on the Bookmark icon exactly at the left side of address bar. You will see a window asking you the following:

  1. Name: The title of the page you are going to Bookmark.
  2. Folder: Location you want to specify for the Bookmared page.

When you have edited the required information, click Close button.

You are able to edit your bookmark page any time after you save it. Clicking the Edit button will lead you to the Edit window where you can make changes in the title, URL or the location of Bookmarked page.


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