Posted by: abbascom | September 21, 2011

Downloading Mozilla FireFox from Internet

Mozilla FireFox is one of the most frequently used web browser world wide. People love to work through FireFox as it provides more security and advanced features. With the launching of FireFox 3.6 beta 5, it has become more favorite to the users who mostly work with web applications.

Here is a guideline for your convenience to download Mozilla FireFox directly from their site following a few simple steps:

1.     Go to the FireFox site Mozilla.Com or directly type the version of Firefox you are interested in. I choose FireFox 3.6 beta, the latest coming version of Firefox.

2.     It will ask you about the type of window you are using and language in which you want to install FireFox. I choose the installation setting for English (US) for Windows. It will start downloading the setup.

3.    Click on the Run button of the window that appears to start the setup.

4.    Click Next button

5.    Choose Standard and click Next button.

6.    The next window will ask you the location to install the program and if you want to use FireFox as default browser. Edit your desired information and click Install button. It will complete the installation.

7.    Click the Finish button and you have done it.


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