Posted by: abbascom | October 7, 2011

Tips to Use Selection Tools in Adobe Photoshop

People use different selection tools which they feel appropriate depending upon their image file type.

  1. Lasso tool is used to select area which you define by dragging the selected Lasso tool.
  2. Magic wand is used to select colors where it clicks.
  3. Marquee tool is also used to select area in a specified shape, either a rectangle or circle.
  4. Pen tool draws paths to make selection. You can make paths as you want to select area, shape or colors.

It is better to work in Channels for anything you want to perform on your image file. Here are some tips to make more clear and accurate selection:

  1. Choose appropriate selection tool as Adobe Photoshop provides multi functions for each of its tools and option, also you can perform a task in several different ways.
  2. Zoom in the area where you want to make selection.
  3. Be comfortable while making the selection via Lasso tool or creating paths with Pen tool. The preview palette shows you the small preview of your selection.
  4. If the pixels are not of good resolution, Magnetic Lasso tool can not be of good use.
  5. If you are working on more complex and critical image files, you should use Path Selection Tool. It works along with Pen tool to create paths for complex selections.
  6. Try to use shortkeys for performing different tasks in Adobe Photoshop. It will give you quick approach to complete your task, save your time and prevent you getting disturbed of awkward things happening.
  7. While using Magic Wand, if you need to select more accurate pixels of similar color, reduce the tolerance accordingly. Select Similar option appears on right click menu which helps you to select the similar color pixels quickly, it saves your time and effort.
  8. While creating paths with Pen tool, create short distant anchor points to keep the shape perfect.
  9. Don’t be hurry for the good results and don’t close your selection until you complete the task you want to perform on your image.
  10. Pressing Ctrl + d shortkey deselects the selection and press Escape key to undo the wrong selection.


  1. Thanks for your tips.This very useful to all.

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