Posted by: abbascom | October 18, 2011

Converting Word 2007 to Word 2003 File

To open the MS Word 2007 files in older versions, you need the MS Office Compatibility Pack for 2007 installed and updated. If you have compatibility Pack, you are able to open, edit, make changes and save changes

If you are in the document which you need to convert in other (older) versions (i.e. 2003):

  1. Click on the Microsoft button.
  2. Click on the Save As button. It will open a Save As window. (The right arrow also opens a list of available options which you can select from.)
  3. Left portion holds the folders and guides you about the location where you can save your file. Choose the desired location.
  4. If you want to edit/change the name of file, you can make changes in File Name box.
  5. In Save As window, choose the Save As Type from the drop down list (i.e. 2003) and click Ok button.

You have done. Now you can view your MS Word 2007 file in MS Word 2003 version.


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