Posted by: abbascom | October 19, 2011

How to Compose Email Using Outlook?

Sending Emails using Outlook is quite easy that you can learn in few simple steps. Whatever is your mail client, Outlook provides you assistance in sending the Emails messages as quickly as you type it. You can send emails with attachments of text document, images, sounds and even videos. You can either send your message written in Outlook instantly, save it as draft or set it to send later on a specified time.

To send the message instantly (when you are connected to internet):

1.   Sign-in your Outlook account and click the Create Mail button. The New Message window appears.

2.   Type the Email address of the recipient in To box. If it is already saved in your address book, it will appear on typing the first letter of the address. Choose the desired address from the list.

3.   In Cc box, type the address where you want to send a carbon copy of the Email. It is optional.

4.   Type the subject or title of the letter in Subject box.

5.   Text Area holds the body of your letter. Type your message on the text area.  You can not only choose different font style, color and size for text, but also apply any format using text formatting option above the text area.

6.   When you are typing your message, the Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo and Check tabs help you quickly perform the respective actions on the text.

7.   When you have completed your message, click Send button.

To attach a file:

8.   If you want to attach a file with your Email message, click on the Attach button after step 7.

9.   A window will appear to locate the file or document you want to attach. Select the file/document and click Ok button. Outlook will load the attachment with your message.

To send message later:

10.   If you are not currently connected to the internet, you can save time to write messages beforehand. The procedure is same till the step 7. You complete typing your message and click the Send button; Outlook will automatically send your message to the recipient when it is connected to the internet.


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