Posted by: abbascom | October 26, 2011

Viewing Documents Offline in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is capable to show you the images and documents which you have once visited on internet. It shows the previously visited paged in HTML view even if you are not currently connected with internet. It helps you access your data quickly and approach the accidently closed pages.

You can do it following a few steps:

  1. When you are on Internet Explorer, choose File from main menu.
  2. Choose Open. An Open dialogue box appears here. (You can also do it by pressing Ctrl + o keys from keyboard.)
  3. Type the web link you desire to access. Since you are not connected with internet, click the Brows button to find out your desired files in hard drive.
  4. Type the file name in File Name box and select the type/format from Files of Type drop down box. (You can also select the directory from the Internet Explorer folder directly.)
  5. Click Open button.

It will open the selected files no matter it is a document, image, movie or a sound.


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