Posted by: abbascom | November 6, 2011

Playing Tricks with Computer Screen

When you feel bore after your dull working routines, you can play tricks with your computer and enjoy. It is more than fun and never harms your computer at all. There is a fun trick that you can play with your computer and see what happens to your screen.

No matter what application you are working with, press Ctrl + Alt + down arrow key on your keyboard.

Hey…what happened!!

No, you are not hanged with the ceiling neither your computer screen. Then what happened to the screen?

Pressing this shortkey rotates your screen up to vertical side and still you can work on it. Similarly it can be rotated horizontally if Ctrl + Alt + left/right arrow key accordingly.

You don’t need to rotate your monitor screen to see it normal. Simply press Ctrl + Alt + up arrow key again and you will be back to the original normal screen



  1. Really very impressive

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