Posted by: abbascom | November 14, 2011

Setting the Power Management Options in Windows XP

Windows XP offers four power management options available. These options help you scheduling the task of power management the way you want. These options are:

  1. Stand By: This option helps you to quickly start your windows when you press a power key on the keyboard. It can safely resume your windows to shutdown and bring it in readiness state within few seconds. In Stand By option, your system needs power.
  2. Hibernate: This option allows you the longer term approach to your data. In Hibernate option, your system is powered off but your files are preserved and can be loaded again from the same point.
  3. Turn Off: This option, as its name indicates, makes your system powered off. It asks you to save changes in some applications before shutting down, but not for all applications.
  4. Restart: This option turns the power off and again starts the system automatically. It also asks for the permission to save changes you make in applications before you go for Restart.

To manage these options for your Windows XP:

  1. Go to the Start menu.
  2. Click on the Turn Off Computer option.
  3. Click on the option you require and it will automatically follow it immediately.

But where is the Hibernate option?

You can set the Hibernate option for your computer by following a more steps:

1.   Click the Start menu.

2.   Go on the Settings option to select Control Panel.

3.   Select Performance and Maintenance.

4.   Select Power Options.

5.   It will open a Power Options Properties window. Click on the Hibernate tab.

6.   Now check the Enable Hibernation box.

7.   Click Apply and then Ok buttons.

Now when you again go on the power management option from Start menu, press Shift key and the Hibernate option appears.

You can schedule time for your computer to Stand By or Hibernate automatically with the given time. You can make settings and edit time for this feature from the Power Schemes tab at Power Options Properties.

When the defined time reaches, your computer will automatically perform Stand By or Hibernate.


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