Posted by: abbascom | November 15, 2011

Activating Windows XP after Setup

When you have your Windows XP Setup completed, it asks you to register the software to activate. Windows XP uses software based product activation technology. Here you can learn the steps how to activate Windows XP:

There are three ways of registering Windows XP:

  1. Using Internet
  2. Using Modem
  3. By Phone to customer Service of Windows

How to activate Windows using wizard

1.   Go through the Start button to All Programs, Accessories, System Tools and then Activate Window option. You can also find it by clicking Windows Activation icon in the notification area.

2.   Choose the appropriate way to activate Windows from “Yes, activate the windows over internet now” if you are registering through internet and click on. It will lead you to internet to activate windows.

3.   A wizard containing the Windows Product Activation Privacy Statement appears with Back, Next and Cancel buttons.

4.   Here you can do one of the following task:

  • Select you required option from the two appearing as “Yes, I want to register and activate Windows at the same time” and type your contact information in the boxes and click Next button.
  • Or you can choose “No, I don’t want to register now, just activate the windows” and click Next button.

This wizard connects with activation server via internet and sends the activation request.

5.   It sends you a message when activation is completed “You have successfully activated your copy of Windows”. Click Ok button and you have done.


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