Posted by: abbascom | December 15, 2011

How to Deal With an Email Virus?

Sometimes you get virus on your Email but you don’t get to notice it. You don’t recognize it and carry on with your routine activities on computer.

You receive Email message from an unknown sender that includes an attachment. When you try to download that attachment, it shows the error message that the attachment contains virus. Keep the following points in mind when you get to receive virus Email:

  1. Such virus becomes active when it is double-clicked. Avoid double-clicking the infected Email /attachment.
  2. Don’t try t download infected attachment and delete the message.
  3. Such viruses scan the victim’s address book in their Email client program, like Outlook.
  4. Once it becomes active, it automatically sends Emails to randomly selected Email addresses of senders and recipients from your address book and sends Emails to them carrying the same virus.
  5. Once your virus is activated, your system probably starts behaving abnormal. It may result in either slow system speed, system files get corrupted, some or many of your folders damaged etc.
  6. Such viruses are not recognized even if you are running virus scan program frequently. Even updated virus scan programs are of no worth to recognize all kind of viruses.
  7. If you get such attachment messages, you should immediately remove it. Do not depend on your Email virus scan software to recognize and confirm it a virus.
  8. These viruses are instantly spread and generally they are received by the people you know but the sender addresses are faked which you do not recognize.
  9. The Email containing the virus attachment is not only the form of Email virus. You may receive the non-delivery notifications for the Email s that you did not sent.

In such situation, you should take the following steps:

  1. Remove the infected Email message immediately so that it cannot be forwarded to more addresses. If it is not cured or removed, the cycle will continue to run and infect more computers.
  2. Do keep a backup of your data along with an emergency boot disk for your computer. It prevents to lose the precious data due to virus attack.
  3. Update your virus scan software. Though it may not recognize all kind of viruses but it is necessary to keep your system safe from many kinds of threats.
  4. Many viruses have removal tool with them. If you find removal tool along with virus, you can download and then remove it by following the manual instructions carefully.
  5. Contact immediately with a professional software expert to recognize the virus if you could not. It is necessary to send immediate report to the virus scan experts so that they produce some cure for that virus if it was not recognized before.

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