Posted by: abbascom | December 16, 2011

Making The Folders Private

If you want to keep your folder personal and want nobody to see and access it unless you allow, you need to make them private. Purpose to make the folders private is that if somebody uses your system whom you don’t want to make authorized to see all your computer data, you make the folder unavailable to him/her. Folders in your personal profile include My Documents and all its sub-folders including My Pictures and My Music etc.


  1. Go to My Computer.
  2. Open the drive where your Windows is installed. Usually it is Drive C.
  3. Make the contents of the drive if they are hidden. Click Show the Contents of this drive under System Tasks. It will show the hidden contents.
  4. Open Documents and Setting folder by double click.
  5. Now open the user folder by double click.
  6. Right click on your folder in user profile, then click Properties.
  7. Office Backup Properties window appears. Open the Sharing tab.
  8. Check the box by clicking on it where you see Make this folder private.

It makes your folder private and nobody else can access your folder. In this way, nobody else using your system can avail your data. But you can not make folders private until unless you formatted your drive other than NTFS.


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