Posted by: abbascom | January 27, 2012

Creating Charts in Excel 2007

Charts are added in documents to explain the data information more comprehensively and clearly. Adding charts is Excel 2007 worksheet is quite easy and fun. Insert Ribbon provides the options to create chart using different styles. You can choose any style which is appropriately fit to the type of your data to make best presentation and understanding. If you change your data, your chart will be automatically updated accordingly.

Once you have created your chart data in Excel worksheet, you can quickly create your chart in few steps.

1.    Select the cells containing data you want to be charted.

2.    Click on the Insert tab to open Insert Ribbon bar with Chart options.

3.    Select your required chart type in the Charts group. It will automatically generate the chart for you.

4.    You are able to apply any style or design to your chart and edit it at any time you require. Clicking on the chart area displays all the available design tools for your selected chart, or you can go directly on the Design tab to change the look of your chart.

5.    Click on the title of chart to edit any title you want it to be.

By default, the series become the x-axis and elements become y-axis of the chart.  Design and Format tabs provide more tools to edit look of your chart.


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