Posted by: gracelydia51 | July 12, 2012

Protect Your Document against Unwanted Changes

By enabling the option of “Protect Document”, you can protect your document. You can even track changes made in the document by some unauthorized users. If some changes are made, system shows that text red in color. Follow the steps given below to enable Protect Document option:

Open a word file and then click on Tools in menu bar.

In the Tool menu bar, click on “Protect Document”. A window will appear in front of you that will have a number of options to protect your document for Forms, Comments or Tracked Changes.

  1. Track Changes mean that you can track changes made in your document by unauthorized users. As I have mentioned earlier, the system will show the changed text in red color.
  2. Forms option makes it easier for the user to edit forms in document.
  3. Comments options allow user to put in comment for that document.

You can use any of the above options to restrict the user. To lock or unlock your document, you can use the “Password (optional)” option.

Type a new password here to protect your document. Word will then open a “Confirm Password” dialog box for the confirmation of password. The length of password should not be more than 15 characters.

Press OK button in order to finish this process.


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