Posted by: abbascom | July 21, 2012

Choose a Strong Computer Password

Computer users should apply system password, folder password of file password to secure personal or business data. But applying password is not enough with security perspective as hackers are also there to hack passwords and stole your important data. To save your data from hackers,  you should choose a strong password hack. Here are some tips to choose strong password:

  • Use both upper and lower case characters, digits, punctuations and other symbols to make a strong passwrod. Complexity of your password will make it hard to crack and hack.
  • Choose a password in minimum characters that your system allows. Number of characters in your password also impact strength of password.
  • Keep changing your password. Changing your system password once a six month or yearly to prevent hacking.
  • Avoid using a word in English dictionary or any name etc.
  • Never share your password with anyone and don’t write your password on your diary. Don’t share your password to anyone through email. It is not a secured way.

Avoid using simple adjacent letters on the keyboard. Hackers first of all tend to check adjacent patterns of password.


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