Posted by: gracelydia51 | July 29, 2012

Tips to Accept Track Changes in MS Word 2010

A wonderful and outstanding tool of MS Word 2010 is “Track changes” which allows editing your documents without making the amendments permanent. For example, if you delete a word, Track back will highlight it in spite of the fact the word has been deleted but until final amendments are accepted, it will remain there.  This tool proves to be very helpful when you are working on a draft, such as your project, which needs extra care to be taken. These days different virtual teams are working on a same project sitting in different parts of world. They need communication to make changes and finalize these changes. For this purpose, Track changes help them a lot. Using it, people can add comments, delete and make changes in formatting. Here are some instructions regarding using this tool:

Firstly you will open the desired Word document in which you want to make changes.

Then you will go to Review Tab, under “Tracking” Group. Now you will click on track changes. It will change its color to orange that will mean that this tool has turned on.

Now you will take cursor to where you want to save changes and type. You will see that color of text will change which means that changes which you are making are not permanent.

You will go to “Tracking Group” and click on “Show Markup”. Choose “Balloons” and then you will click on your desired settings how you want to show your changes.  Either you want to show your alterations in Balloons, with in your document or show only comments and Formatting in Balloons.

You will go to “Comments Group”; under Review Tab. you will click “New Comment” where you want to place in a comment. Leave a note or ask a question.

Go to Review Group and click on the Reviewing pane and select either vertical or horizontal settings to go through your Word document or you can go through them one by one choosing “Previous” or “Next” from “Changes” Group.

After that, you will click on “Accept or Reject” from “Changes Group” in order to tell the programme whether you want to keep changes permanently or delete them.

Now you will go to “File Menu” and “Save” all changes that you made in your document.


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