Posted by: abbascom | October 6, 2012

Adding Sound File in MS Word Document

Almost all of us use MS Word in our daily work on computer to perform different tasks. Some of us are very expert for it and other may not be very skilled to use MS Word for all of its features. Like MS Word 2007, all versions of MS Word also offer to add audio sounds in the text documents. These sounds and audio files are very helpful to explain the points where written text is unable to explain.

You can add sound files to make your text document speak by following these simple steps:

  1. When you are in the document, put the cursor where you want to place the audio file.
  2. Choose Insert tab from menu.
  3. In Text section, click Object button.
  4. It opens the Object window. Select Create from File tab.
  5. Brows your desired sound file by clicking the Brows button.
  6. Click Ok button.

Sound file appears in your Word document with an icon of Speaker. You can edit or change this file anytime.


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