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Google Search Tips, The Advanced Search Operators

You can make your search generate more accurate results with fastest response by using the advances techniques. These tips and techniques are originally defined for the Google search and really provide you more accurate results in every format you require. Here you can use in your web based search operations.

  1. datarange: This term helps you find the results about a mathematical range of data. If you want to know who has talked about 2236 and 6985 you will input the search key as data range: 2236 – 6958 and it will show you results instantly. You can add another keyword relating the data to some specific range.
  2. filetype: If you want to search on a topic (i.e. career) only on specific file format, you need to write it as career filetype: pdf. It will give you results with the files containing word “career” only in pdf file types.
  3. site: This search key restricts your search results only on a given domain or site. If you want to search a word on a specific domain you will write it like advanced, where there is no space between site: and the domain name. This operator can also be used in many other ways to search required results.
  4. cache: This operator helps provide you a copy of webpage that is stored on the Google server currently. It can be written as without space. The retrieved page may vary from the actual page.
  5. link: This search operator gives you a random sampling of your defined type of sites. Usually this search result has no specific logic to display the sites or the order in which they are displayed. For instance,
  6. related: It is helpful to provide somewhat related results to a given link or keyword. For instance, if you input related: software tutorials, it will result in the links with similar topic and titles, but it may be very accurate in some cases.
  7. info: This operator provides information about the given topic or link. It is written as info: software tutorials and it will return you the information about the given topic.
  8. define: It provides the definition of given term or word from different directories and websites. For instance, define: tutorial.
  9. phonebook: This search operator provides a list of business and residential phone numbers, street address etc which are found in defined location. For instance, phonebook: smith NY will return you name, phone number, street address of all persons named smith living at New York and listed on the server.
  10. stocks: It provides you information about the stocks. For instance, stocks: goog will return you the stock information with all the results having word “goog”.
  11. movie: This search operator helps you in searching movies in USA. You can easily search a movie either by name or location with movie review, show time and theater, such as movie: MovieName.
  12. flights: You can easily explore about the flights time, airport code inside USA. For this, you will input your command like flights:NY.
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Making a File Compressed in Zip Folder

When you get large size of data on your hard drive that you can not delete, you want to keep it preserved to access it for future needs. Similarly when you want to send a large number and size of files and document to a business client, customer or friend, it becomes irritant to upload all files one by one taking too much time. The easiest solution to this problem is to change the required files and documents compressed form. It does not only save your space and easy conversion of data files but also keeps the files as original as they were. You can easily share your files and even big size folders on message board, forums or anywhere you need.

  1. Create a New Folder in any location and Rename it as you like to identify it among other folders.
  2. Collect all the files and documents in it which you need to compress. No matter which application they are in, they all can be compressed in same folder.
  3. When you have finished collecting files and documents in it, right click the folder name and you will see an option Send To. Click on it.
  4. Find Compressed (zipped) Folder and click on it.

It will turn your folder to a compressed folder in size and now it is ready to keep in your hard drive using less space or attach to an email to send to another location. You can retrieve the files and documents of the folder as original without losing your precious data. These steps are to proceed in Windows XP. Moreover, some other utilities like WinZIP and WinRAR also work for it.

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Ace Exams in 30-Minutes Study Schedules

There are various ways to analyze and ace an exam but there are just a few strategies that really work under 30 minutes research time.

Have perhaps not heard of all of them however? Develop all of them today, enhance your mind purpose and never ever fail another exam in your life, specifically when you are learning on a restricted time only!

study-scheduleOne of the greatest problems when trying to remember for an exam is the few years you need to really spend reading the materials you will be attempting to find out. To significantly lower learning amount of time in two yet still boost mind retention and recall, attempt skimming. Rather than reading entire chapters term for word, skim your method through them. Often the many crucial points in a text would be developed in such a method that it pops away, indicating the significant details would usually be printed in bold, italics, or it can be underlined. What you need to do is select them up and store them into the mind lender. Skimming takes half the time from the normal typical study time when you try to read and remember every thing!

Skimming is in fact much more efficient that will assist you ace your tests with only a 30 min study schedule whenever you’ve got capitalized on highlighting during your lectures. Because of this, it works two means: during your lecture hours, you in fact tune in and review, but to further strengthen your mind, start taking down and highlighting keywords and phrases on texts and chapters which come exam time, everything you will need to do is again, skim and choose away those words that you have highlighted – increases mind mind guaranteed.

Just take care though, because sometimes, if you have an objective to highlight important principles to improve your memorization skills, all that you do is highlight without truly trying to understand, which leads to a great deal of terms that are showcased which are not really important – this is a backslide from your goal to study and remember rapidly to ace your exam.

Once again as I strive to get myself to get back on the right track after dropping control for a few months I’m surprised during the power behind an easy everyday schedule.

In reworking my Home Management binder I’ve had to come up with a brand new daily schedule. As my child grows things change. A lot of my time with her is in creative endeavors and teaching her simple tips to do things. I will get very caught up in that.

But enough about that. Just what actually taken place is I got so engrossed with using the services of my soon to be preschooler that I types of put my schedule out of the window. Several things had been no longer done on particular times or done at all in order an end result we dismissed my typical pattern of checking my daily schedule during the day or whenever I thought unproductive.

The result? Chaos.

daily-scheduleWell okay maybe not complete disorder but we really could definitely tell a distinction. I wasn’t certain exactly where it was coming from but things had been not quite as organized when I appreciated them. Meal was usually late, the residence wasn’t obtaining vacuum on a regular basis, I felt like I’d no time at all to-do anything (but fool around with my child) and also my child girl seemed a small out of sorts.

After a couple of weeks of this I ended up being thinking perhaps it ended up being time in my situation to get really serious about updating my Home Management binder. we reworked an innovative brand-new everyday and weekly schedule to get me going and….


The distinction is like evening and day. As I sit here mid-afternoon while my daughter takes her nap, and kind yet another article (my third for your day) I have currently washed 2 a lot of washing, straightened and vacuumed the house, straightened and inventoried the fridge and freezer in preparation for selection preparation tomorrow. The kitchen area is neat and clean, in addition to the other rooms because I really perform stroll through early morning and night. we won’t get into most of the other stuff which are taken attention of just because my schedules reminded me personally that they required to be achieved (thus I performed them) but I will tell you nearly all of all I don’t feel frazzled.

We still have solid things you can do. Work and house identical but we don’t feel out of hand or overwrought because I understand exactly where they fall in my routine.

Making an everyday and weekly schedule is just among the most simple things you can do to begin organizing your self as well as your home. You notice your list helps you to definitely organize your self because it’s a reminder within our all also busy everyday lives of what should be completed to help hold things moving smoothly. And when you create your list make use of it. Inspect it at minimum each day. It does no good unless you place it to utilize. If you can just muster one ounce of energy make it to examine that list.

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Taking a Screen Shot in XP and Windows 7

The feature of taking a screen shot in Windows XP is quite helpful. By taking a screen shot, you can capture an image on screen and save it for different purposes. For example, if you are looking at a web page and you want to show it to someone else, you can do so by taking screen shot. In this way, you will not need to send link of website. Today we will discuss how to take screen shot and save it.

Click the window which you want to take screen shot of. Now press ALT+PRINT SCREEN. You will find the PRINT SCREEN key on the upper right side of your keyboard. If you wish to take screen shot of entire desktop, you will just press PRINT SCREEN key.

Click “Start” button and from “Programs”, go to “Accessories” and then choose “Paint”.

After the “Paint” window opens, click “Edit” and then click “Paste”.

When you see your desired image in “Paint”, click on “File” and scroll down so that you can choose “Save As”.

“Save As” dialog box will be appeared in front of you. When it happens, type name for screen shot in “File name” box.

Now click on “Save”.

After this process, that particular picture will be just like any other picture saved on your computer. You can either print it or send it as email. Screen shot in Windows XP can be taken at any time except before logging onto computer and when a video is being played in MS Windows Media Player.

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